Maybe I am reading this wrong..


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May 30, 2012
I know(assume) the new iMac is going to be announced on the 23rd at the event, but I was just trolling at the stuff apple has listed for the current iMac.

Specifically the portion regarding the graphics card. I'm sure you've all seen this:

So am I reading this wrong? :confused::confused::confused::confused:

6750M [not as good:)confused:)]:
Portal: 4.8x faster
CoD: 3.5x faster
HL2: 2.5x faster
sc2: 1.4x faster

6750M [better of the two:)confused:)]:
Portal: 1.8x faster (slower than the former)
sc2: 1.8x faster (slower than the former)
HL2: 1.7x faster (slower than the former)
CoD: 1.5x faster (slower than the former)

........... Not like it really matters anymore cuz it's super outdated but just wondering.
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Nov 5, 2009
They might be comparing those options against the gpus in the previous line they replaced. For example, 6970m replacing 5850m etc.


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Sep 3, 2009
That's what I would say. Also, it cracks me up how the words "new" and "latest" are all over the iMac section of Apple's site still.

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