Maybe this is it?


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Apr 18, 2001
seeing how it is apple's 25th anniversary... maybe a 25th anni. Mac?

remember they said that the Cube would be back sometime soon that it is not gone forever... Maybe the Cube will become the iMac or vice versa??? Loaded with lots of goodies... Wireless even???

Just an idea... probably way off base..


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Jan 3, 2002
From what i've read you're really close. apple said they were going to incorporate the techonology and concept of the cube for the future. Fix the bugs and problems people had with the cube, for example, the vertical slot loading drive. so that's probably the most realistic prediction i've read all day.


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Dec 19, 2001
20th vs. 25th

Let's think about this. The 20th Mac had a housing for the CPU, HD, RAM, etc. connected to a display/CD-ROM/speaker unit. It wouldn't make sense to split these up five years later, now that component size and heat doesn't force you to.

Additionally, a downside of both the cube and the iMac is expansion - or the lack there of.

So marry these two ideas - LCD iMac with an optional expansion cube that could house firewire CD/DVD burners, HD, etc. It would look similar to the 20th in that it would have a module attached to the display/computer, and could bring both designs together.
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