MB Air using new iMac as display while iMac computer still operates in background?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by boarder1995, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Ok, I'm about to be a new Mac user with a new system purchase! As I'm planning out my Mac system I have a question. I'd like a MB Air and also an iMac. I like the portability of the Air and still need a permanent home server solution for media, iTunes, movies, etc. So if I get a new MB Air and a new iMac for my system(s), I'd like to use the iMac as a display at times for the Air. Not a problem - Thunderbolt! But while the Air is using the iMac's display through Thunderbolt display mode does the iMac computer still operate in the background? If I'm running iTunes on the iMac through my downstairs theater system for music or movies off the iMac, but want to use the Thunderbolt mode to hook the Air to the iMac's display, will the iMac's computer still play without interruption on the network, or does the iMac's computer become hibernated or temporarily "offline"?
    Thanks for any help on this,
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    Thunderbolt 10.6 Help: Using another Mac as an external display
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