MB C2D 2.0 vs. MBP C2D 15" 2.16 - GAS problems

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by smadd, Mar 4, 2007.

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    Jan 9, 2007
    I have noticed a major theme in all of the portables thread about the C2D MBs and MBPs since they both got upgraded (6x DL super drives, C2D processors) and thought it would be great for potential buyers to hear once again the ever-present debate for those with enough money to choose who don't know which to get.

    When the Intel-Mac full line was released, I had been bouncing back and forth between the low-end MBP C2D and the high-end MB White C2D, and was having a really hard time deciding. I had owned both models when they were CD (not at the same time) and really thought the MB was great, but I was a former PowerBook owner, and it was hard to get used to the feel, aesthetics, keyboard, and I did not like forgoing a DL burner for ether new Intel model. Instead of being patient, I had GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and sold the 15" PB to get a shiny new MBP 15". Basically, the exact same shell as the PB but with new guts. I did have a glossy screen and loved it, but the battery life wasn't so hot unless you really cranked the power management to super-low. I am a musician, and I wanted the large screen for Garage Band and Logic. The ATI graphics were welcomed and I figured they would make all of my stored video much better. I didn't used teh Express Card slot. So as a few months rolled pass, and the MacBook got released, I thought "there's a whole new computer!" New design entirely from the ground up including USER-UPGRADEABLE AND SWAPPABLE HARD DRIVES!! Something that had been a real pain if not unfeasibile in the latest and last line of PowerBooks, iBooks, and even the new MBP. So I eBay'ed the MBP and got the MB. I fell in love with everything from the keyboard to the in-between ultra-portable and regular size screen. Granted it was about as heavy as the MBP, but smaller and just had the Apple Vibe - the cool factor for the MB design is high. The battery life was noticeably better, I still had digital audio in/outs and I hadn't sacrificed anything I could tell except for an expansion slot I didn't use and dedicated graphics. And after connecting the MB to my TV for iTunes content viewing, I hoenstly couldn't tell a different between the two. granted, the ATI card in the mBP can get you expanded resolutions and juices bigger screens, but if you are not a graphics buff you do not need it and you won't notice it's gone.

    But, when the MBP C2D's were released I did it again. I got GAS. I ebay'ed, spent more money, and got the new MBP C2D 15" 2.16 (non-glossy this time as I had a fellow musician suggest that the glossy screen can make viewng difficult for stage use). I finally had dual-layer burning, I had the latest and greatest processor, I could run Windows if I needed to, I had the beefy graohics card back and a gigantic hard drive. Perfect, right? It ran cooler than I ever remember the MBP CD running, but the battery life once again wasn't so hot, and I actually found that the percieved brightness that a glossy screen added was something that I did indeed miss. On stage, the non-glossy screen may not have awkwardly reflected stage lighting, but it was not as crisp at full-brightness and quite-frankly, reminded me of the last PowerBook I had owned.

    Then, the MB C2D was released with a processor in it's mid-range model that was a hair slower that the $1999 MBP C2D I owned, but at the lovely academic price of $1199. I coudl aftermarker the RAM and HD to my own prefs and whenever I wanted to at lower cost. Plus, it had the same Dl burner in it, same wireless, same everything except for one slot, one port (FW800), and a graphics chipset that I didn't really need. So back onto eBay I went, and with $500 cash in my pocket, walked away with a MB C2D 2.0 and I couldn't be happier. I honestly can tell no difference between the two mchines in terms of performance and speed. What I do notice, is that the screen is much broghter set at half the intensity than the MBP C2D was at full brightness. And my battery goes 31/2 - 4 hours or more without sacrificing performance or visibility instead of the 2 hours with it's big brother.

    My GAS has passed, and I wish I had listened to my fellow MacRumors members. Patience with Mac model releases does more often than not tend to pay off. If you don't need a dedicated graphics card (and I mean if you are going to game on your Mac or do animation and intense grpahics design and photo editing, or if you have to power a big display at high reolutions), can forego a slot, a port and a slightly smaller sreen, it is a complete waste of money to get the MBP C2D 2.16.
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    Feb 17, 2007
    NB, Canada
    So you went from a MBP CD, to a MB CD, to a MBP C2D, to a MB C2D?

    You must have lost a pretty penny buying and selling the notebooks like that...
  3. EvryDayImShufln macrumors 65816


    Sep 18, 2006
    Well that was just about the least smart thing you could do. I have a feeling your "gas" isn't quite over, and if the next laptop is amazing (which it most likely will be knowing apple) then I'd say your about to spend alot more $$$ switching into that one.

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