MB Pro trackpad button way too sensitive now?

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    The physical button on my Macbook Pro's trackpad is very sensitive - particularly on the right side but also on the left.

    It's so sensitive, that if I graze a finger over the ride side, it will register as a click, even when the button isn't actually pressed.

    This results in many things like accidental clicks that highlight things (and delete them if i type over it, often I don't notice until too late). Typing that paragraph, alone, resulting in 10 accidental clicks.

    In addition, when I do click (or when an 'accidental click' is registered), sometimes when I click off it doesn't register. This results in many problems when it comes to typing. including the stuff listed above.

    Some info:

    - Late 2006 Macbook Pro (aluminum case)
    - It is not under applecare warranty, so I don't want to bring it into a Genius bar.
    - I've taken it apart before to upgrade the hard drive and RAM, so if this can be fixed by replacing something than its no problem for me.
    - Happens at all computer temperatures, doesn't matter if the logic board/case is hot, warm, or cool.
    - This happened gradually, over the past couple of months.
    - It does NOT do this when I'm using a regular USB mouse, so it sounds like a hardware issue. Due to the nature of my job, I cannot bring along a mouse (no matter how small) to use.

    Things I've tried:
    Resetting PRAM and SMC'

    Ugh, this is really frustrating!! Can somebody please help?? :(
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