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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by gpgp16, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I'm a long time windows user. I bought a MB 2 days ago.
    I must say that I'm fully impressed with my Mac and I'm proud of my decision.

    Here is my list of questions.
    1) How or where do I check which version of OS I'm using?
    2) Where do I check what is the installed RAM size?
    3) I have a dvd (contains photos) burned using sonic software. My mac doensn't recognize it as DVD and says that I inserted the empty CD. If I run the same DVD in my Sony WAIO laptop it shows all the photos. Is this the problem with the sonic software or my Mac doesn't recognize it as DVD?
    4) I bought the HP printer with my Mac. (100 $ MIR offer). Is there a way I can connect the printer to my wireless router network so that I can take the printout in my Mac as well as in my Sony WAIO? I know this is not about Mac, but still appreciate the reply.
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    To answer your first two questions, take a look under About This Mac under the Apple Menu in your Menu Bar – it'll display the current OS and the amount of RAM you have in there.

    And if you click More Info... on tis window, it'll open up System Profiler, which will give you a lot more info about your Mac and its components.
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    Answer to 3 + 4

    3 - Easiest way to transfer the photos is by putting the disc into the Sony laptop. Copy it into a folder on the desktop. Zip the folder and transfer the data onto a flash drive if possible. OR you can reburn it using a different burning software utility. Save it as an iso file. That is readable on a Mac. Then put either the flash drive or the newly burned DVD.

    4 - If you want to set a printer EASILY for use with different computers, get the Apple Airport Extreme N :D

    OR you can connect it to the Mac via USB and then go to System Pref>Sharing>Check the box that says Printer Sharing. If you dont want the printer connected to either laptops, your goin to have to buy a wireless print server.

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