MB/S SSD vs Fusion Drive.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ohsnaphappy, Oct 21, 2014.

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    The way I understand it, the new fusion drive uses PCI E just like the SSD option. Which means the 128 GB hard drive in the Fusion Drive should run at the same speed as any other SSD that you can buy. But let's just say I'm wrong and you can scratch all of that. Mostly I just want to know how many actual megabytes per second I will gain by purchasing the much more expensive 1 TB SSD? If we're talking 722/s vs 863/s I don't think it's worth it.

    I'm also curious to know if the 3 TB fusion drive is any slower than the 1 TB fusion drive?

    Thanks so much!
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    Just a random comment....most folks who buy the all-SSD drive don't do it for the speed...they do it because they don't want a spin-drive in the computer. Aside from that, from every practical perspective I know of...there's very little difference in performance between an SSD and fusion drive.
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    Flash memory also doesn't make noise (no spinning disk sounds) and is a bit faster as a whole.
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    A Fusion drive, on average, operates at 700 MB/s read and 300-400 MB/s write. Smaller SSDs tend to have bad write performance. 300-400 MB/s write on a 128GB SSD is the average.

    On a 256GB SSD, it increases to 650-680 MB/s write (Samsung SM0256F) and slightly slower (500-550 MB/s) write on the SanDisk SD0256F variant.

    512GB and 1TB are Samsung only, with write speeds of at least 720 MB/s.

    Once the SSD portion of the Fusion Drive is full, speeds slow down.

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