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Jul 4, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
Hey Gang.

I notice there's a lot of buzz and questions about how shipping with the MacBooks and MacBook Pros works, so I thought I'd give you a detailed look at my shipping history from my just received MacBook.

From the online Apple Store at 11:30am PDT on July 3, 2007, I ordered:

  • MacBook (custom configuration = 2GB SDRAM, iWork preinstalled)
  • Canon Photo All-In-One Printer
  • iPod 30G White
  • Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard

I popped for the Expedited Shipping at $21.00.

My shipping address is in Los Angeles, CA.

On July 3 (same day as order) the following shipped:
  • Canon Printer, from Ontario, CA. Delivered FedEx on July 5.
  • iPod 30G white, from Rancho Cordova, CA. Delivered FedEx on July 6.
  • Mouse & Keyboard Wireless, from Ontario, CA. Delivered FedEx on July 6.

On July 5 (two days after order *NOTE JULY 4 HOLIDAY):

  • MacBook, from Shanghai, China, through Anchorage, Alaska and Indianapolis, IN. Delivered FedEx on July 9.

So, 5 items ordered and shipped in 4 packages from 4 locations for $21. Pretty darn good value there. I'm bummed about the carbon footprint of this order (far too many planes and trucks for these few items) but I can't argue with the speed. If you exclude the 4th of July holiday, all items arrived within 1-3 days. The printer in a remarkable 1 day.

Hope that helps with any questions regarding ordering from Apple Store and Shipping.

All the best.


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Aug 10, 2007
I ordered my macbook with a 160 HD... it was ordered on August 7, picked up on August 10th... and has been in transit for 2 days. The FedEx sight hasn't updated anything... so I don't know if it updates on weekends. Anyone know?

And as for the environment, global warming sounds more like a 1600 year weather cycle to me.:D


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Aug 10, 2007
Macbook cleared customs yesterday in Anchorage... arrived in Memphis at 3:09 AM on Sunday. Here's to hoping it comes to New England today and delivered tomorrow!