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    Hello All,

    I'm wondering if someone can give me a real world experience difference between the MacBook 2017 and MacBook Pro 2017 model (13" no touchbar).

    I'm considering going either MB or the MBP. Here's my thoughts:

    MBP is a bit beefier, but has only 128GB SSD and 8GB RAM
    MB CPU is a bit weaker, but has a 256GB SDD and 8GB RAM

    I don't do video editing, I do software development and web development. I'm wondering how big of a difference these two systems are in terms of performance. Any devs have any examples or ideas?

    The 128GB seems iffy and with the 500GB in my 2009 MB I'm using only about 40GB. I'm trying to keep this as low cost as possible. Otherwise, I may just do an iMac.

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    Oct 24, 2013
    If you don't need portability an imac will be a far better option for you (as long as you get at least the 2TB fusion drive for a decent sized ssd).

    As to MacBook vs MBP, bigger screen and better I/O better speakers and far better GPU.

    Benchmarks show that the differences aren't so big for bursts of activity but the fanless design in the MacBook means that sustained performance can suffer due to thermal constraints.

    MacBook 12" 2017 (Model: MacBook10,1)
    m3-7Y32 (1.2 - 3.0Ghz) - $1299

    Single-Core Score: 3550.69
    Multi-Core Score: 6717.19

    Scores are based on 154 results.

    i5-7Y54 (1.3 - 3.2Ghz) - $1399

    Single-Core Score: 3571.57
    Multi-Core Score: 6943.02

    Scores are based on 136 results.

    i7-7Y75 (1.4 - 3.6Ghz) - $1549

    Single-Core Score: 3863.58
    Multi-Core Score: 7486.1

    Scores are based on 364 results.

    nTB MacBook Pro 13" 2017 (Model: MacBookPro14,1)
    i5-7360U (2.3 - 3.6Ghz) - $1499

    Single-Core Score: 4333.7
    Multi-Core Score: 9236.1

    Scores are based on 398 results.

    i7-7660U (2.5 - 4.0Ghz) - $1799

    Single-Core Score: 4653.29
    Multi-Core Score: 9572.25

    Scores are based on 51 results.
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    You sir, drive a hard bargain. The iMac would be great for my needs and $200 usd cheaper but it’s not portable. The MacBook and Pro is portable.

    I guess I need to wait and look at them at bestbuy see what’s going to fit better. The thing that concerns me with the iMac is no SSD and if I’m not gaming I don’t need the space. Software development the ssd helps with loading apps.

    Any other suggestions or assistance with real world experience?

    Well the 4K screen would be better. This shouldn’t be that tough. I like portability but the price for a bigger drive is high. The iMac would fit so many use cases for me but I’m not always at home. So tough.
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    Have you considered a refurbed MacBook pro with the 256gb SSD?? A bargain on the refurb store in the US (which is where I assume you are.


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