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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by AeroStud1026, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    Hey guys,

    I already have a MacBook I bought last October of 07 and its great. However I am in need of another computer. Circumstances have risen to where I need 2 computers.

    Anyways I have been looking into a MacBook Pro I really like the styling and the slightly bigger display. However I'm wondering if a regular MB is the way to go. Specs between MB and MBP's are driving me crazy Therefore I have a few questions....

    1.If I go towards a MBP do I really want to opt to get the 512MB Graphics Card for around an extra 500 bucks?

    2. Will 2GB of memory be good for awhile? Or do I want to max it out with 4GB....last year when I bought my MB pretty much everybody came standard with 1GB so I wanted mine to last so I maxed it out to 2GB's...well now the standard seems to be 2GB so I do want to bump it up to 4GB's?

    2, I work full time and am a student going towards a Business degree therefore I do not care much for photoshopping and everything graphics and or art majors are into. In light of this is a MBP still the way to go regardless?

    Another part of me says I have a MacBook lets stay within that because they are cheaper and I can get a MB with double the ram (4GB) and slightly bigger HD (250GB) for alittle less than a stock bottom line MBP. However there is a lack of a graphics card and the white casing has an issue with me. The white which im sure alot of you know tarnishes really easy just from regular use. Meaning the natural body oils in your hands and what not eventually stain the keys/casing/mouse area....and I take very good care of my MacBook and clean on a regular basis. I thought of going with a BlackBook however the black is a satin finish not a glossy and im sure it would eventually suffer the same fate.

    So then I'm thinking....I'm a business student and even my friends dub me as "The Business Man" because of my job and school. So maybe a MacBook Air would be the way to go. Very light for taking to school. Thats a feature that def did turn me on. However They seem very under powered to me....MB's and MBP's are packing 2.4 -2.6ghz processors depending on how you configure and what model you buy....while MBA's only come with a max of 1.8ghz....not to mention the lack of internal superdrive (external for 100 bucks more), also the smaller HD (80GB max) lack of ethernet, firewire, more than 1 USB port ect...and I'm thinking......for 100 bucks more I can get pretty much the flagship of apple..the MBP...

    So in light of ALL THESE OPTIONS...I am at a stale mate.....don't know what to do...Any opinions greatly appreciated...Thank you

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    Jul 30, 2008
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    If you're only using it for business primarily (& not graphics, video, games or audio) then why do you care about the graphics card, ram & processor speed?
    Seriously, any base model stock should do the trick.

    If you want something different from your reg MB then go for the air. If you want something that is more in line w/ what you're comfortable w/ go w/ the black MB. Thats all you need. As for the concerns about the surface of it, just get a case to put it in.
    With this case you can get the white one if you want and make it black w/ the case: http://store.apple.com/us/product/TQ933LL/A?cid=AOS%2DUS%2DSHOP%2DNexTag

    $50 and you're good to go.
  3. CWallace macrumors 603


    Aug 17, 2007
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    I am much happier with my MBP then I was with my MB. It is just more powerful and expandable. I do use it as my only computer right now.

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