mba 11" - 2 screens (one TB, one non-TB)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by rmwebs, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Apr 6, 2007
    I've been looking to replace a 2011, 11"MBA (basic model) and a 2009 Mac Pro (bought in 2010).

    Now, I recently moved to working at home in a converted 'shed' (technically a 'log cabin' but is effectively just a fancy shed). Now, currently I obviously have the Mac Pro in here, and use the laptop for the odd meeting and when I'm away from home (I rarely use it for anything else at all really).

    My plan was to replace both my MBA and MacPro with the 15" Retina Mac Book Pro, so that it could continue to drive my two (non-thunderbolt) 24" screens.

    However after some research, I think I may have come up with a better option, and want to run it by here to see if:

    A) Anyone else has done it
    B) If you'd consider it a better option
    C) To get some feedback.

    Here's the idea.

    The MacBook Air 2012 models (even the 11") can support two external thunderbolt displays, so my thinking was that I could get a 11" MBA (the base model but with a RAM upgrade to 8GB).

    The issue then is that the MBA only supports two thunderbolt displays - at least thats what I thought, however it turns out that if you plug a thunderbolt accessory into the Apple Thunderbolt Display, you can then plug a standard display port into the other end of the accessory.

    So theoretically I should be able to do this:

    - MacBook Air
    ----> Apple Thunderbolt Display
    --------> Thunderbolt Accessory ( I was thinking of the LaCie Thunderbolt Hub which has both a TB in & out port)
    ------------> DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI cable

    From what I've read - this works. However I wanted to see if anyone had any more info, or experience in doing so.

    Doing it this way would work out to cost around £100 more than just the 15" rMBP on its own, and this way I can 'dock' the MBA with the display, and have all my peripherals running through the display (and wont have to plug in a bunch of cables every morning!)

    Any thoughts, info or advice would be appreciated. I'd also be interested in any performance info of anyone who's tried this.

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