MBA 11" & TBD or rMBP 15" or something in-between?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Epic Xbox Revie, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Currently I have a MacBook Air and a Thunderbolt Display. I use the air occasionally in classes (university.) and typically have it attached to my display for when I'm in my room doing almost anything.

    I absolutely love the portability of the Air, but the screen size is a bit too small to justify NOT having an external display. It performs to my needs except that the SSD is very full and I have to use an external to hold some of my files.

    I think I would love the retina display on the 15"MBP, and getting the model with 256 ssd over my current 128 would be a huge plus. However, the portability decreases (or increases) depending on whether you consider the whole package or just my laptop.

    Would you go with one of these two options, or something in between, or something completely different? PS: I have an iPhone and an iPad Mini (which I may be willing to part with for $) too.
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    I would propose selling the iPad and Air 11" to finance an Air 13", remembering lessons learned from the first excursion. The screen on the 11" is too dang small and no Air is user upgradable so opt for 8GB RAM and at least a 256GB storage to make this one last for the next few years. You can save some dough for yourself (or your folks) by buying from the refurb bin at Apple or from B&H or another no-tax, free-shipping vendor.

    Based on your usage, I wouldn't consider lugging the extra weight of the admittedly gorgeous and expensive rMBP.
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    I'd get the rmbp, but only if you're carrying just the computer around all the time. I find it's fine even in a shoulder bag so long as it's by itself.

    If you have to carry a bunch of other heavy stuff around all the time, admittedly the 13" mba is a better idea.

    You might even want to consider getting the rmbp and resolving to use the mini and a keyboard if you just take/ access notes when you're out.

    edit: oh and get 16gb ram if possible, or go refurb.

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