MBA 13" w/ ACD Capabilites

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by anon2828, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Making the switch to Mac as soon as the new MBA comes out.

    Wondering: Can the current 13" MBA drive the Apple Cinema Display and also still drive its own display at the same time? (Of course if the current MBA will handle this I assume the new one will - correct? Or do I need to worry about the new Intel GPU?)

    I'd like to run simple productivity apps on the ACD such as a browser with several tabs open, mail, and word processor (all of those apps open) while on the MBA's native screen run/watch a video either a video stream from the Internet (YouTube) or use Slingplayer (which I understand is only available in the browser as a plug-in on Macs as opposed to a native app as in Windows) to view my Slingbox.

    Thanks in advance for the smart replies seen here so often - very helpful!
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    You need look no farther than the technical specs on the MacBook Air page on Apple's site:

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