MBA 2011 : to buy or not to buy ?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Xain3, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Xain3, Mar 2, 2012
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    Xain3 macrumors newbie

    Mar 2, 2012
    Hi there,

    I have some money to invest in the purchase of a MBA (the second one I'm buying in a couple of months, since I had my first one stolen in September :'( ). I'll categorically need it before the end of May, because then I will need to do a massive data treatement for my Uni, impossible to perform on my old Netbook crap.

    Rumors are around that a MBA 2012 will be released soon, in April or May ; OTOH other rumors say that it will rather be released in June or even later this summer, with Mountain Lion. So, you understand my dilemma : I wouldn't mind lingering a month or so with my Netbook, if it's worth a brand new Ivy Bridge Air ; but if, after all this this waiting, I'll have to buy a MBA 2011 because Apple set the MBA 2012 to be released at the end of May, in June or whatever - well, that would REALLY piss me off.

    I know that only Apple knows if and when the 2012 update will be released (it's said that the Big CEO up in the Sky asked the newcomer Steve Jobs for news, and he said : top secret). So my two questions will be different :

    1. is there any hope that, during this month of March, rumors will get more reliable, if not about the actual release date, at least about when it will surely NOT be released ?
    2. if I buy an Apple-refurbished and guaranteed Air 13' i7 1,8Ghz 256Gb for, say, 1359.00 €, how much could I realistically resell it once the new Air is out, assuming that I'm using it for 4 month and keeping it in good conditions ? And if I buy a brand new one ? In other words, how much money will I need to upgrade my MBA 2011 to a MBA 2012 once this latter sees the day ?

    Thank you for your advice !

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    1) I'd wait till at least Wed when the Apple event occurs. Other than that I'm not counting on any hints until the imminent launch.

    2) Depends on where you sell. I listed my MBA here and got some interest at $950 and didn't sell it. Ended up selling on Craigslist locally for $1100. It took over a month to sell though. Purchased on Amazon originally with no tax, so in this case didn't really take any hit. Typically $100-150 in past if timed right.
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    I was about to press the "Buy Now" button but became confused, what if the new model would come out in a few weeks. I went out on the back patio to ponder my decision. The pizza delivery man rang the door bell, but I never heard him. He left the pizza on the front steps because it was pre paid. I saw the pizza man driving down the road. I went to the front were a pack of wild dogs were eating my pizza. I tried grabbing a slice but they became angry and chased me. I ran and jumped a few back yard fences. I ended up in the back yard of a beautiful women in a thong bikini. She invited me into her hot tub and went topless. Her husband then showed up with a shot gun. I ran as he fired at me.

    Don't get shot at by the jealous husband. Hit the "Buy Now" button.
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    1. There is a chance. But rumors only tend to get very solid when something is imminent.
    2. That is going to vary from country to country.
    If there is a refurbished one that is what you want, you might want to get it soon as the stock does vary. I'm not sure waiting a week or two would change the available information, but we might hear more about the next product announcement (whatever it is) after the (presumed) iPad announcement.
  6. mrogersscf, Mar 2, 2012
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    April-July is the best estimate.


    If a refresh is due less than 6 months away, it's probably good practice to wait...unless you need it now or the rumored upgrades are not enticing, of course.

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