MBA 2011 Trackpad Issues


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Dec 24, 2011

Installed Win7 on my air, going great but recently everything stopped working for a minute then windows seemed to re-install all the drivers (eg. Keyboard, webcam etc...) but the trackpad isn't fully functional now.

I can use it to move the mouse and click with the default clicking bit

I can not scroll/right click at all

I have tried opening the boot camp control panel thing on windows but now there is only a startup and keyboard tab, i'm sure there was a mousepad tab and others before!?

The drivers seem to still be in the add/remove programmes

Help would be really appreciated!

Thanks, Zak


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Aug 2, 2010
Uninstall the drivers from the Add & Remove control panel and reinstall them again. I've had a similar problem where certain tabs from the Boot Camp Control Panel disappear on me in the past. I reinstall resolved it for me.


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Mar 31, 2009
Sorry to hijack, but its sort of relevant. Same set-up (W7 on a 2011 MBA), how do you "middle-click" with the trackpad?
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