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Jun 14, 2013

I am buying a new mac, and are wondering if I should by the new Haswell MBA or buy the rMBP. both are fine for my work, but I really really want the retina screen, but the MBA has a faster SSD, Haswell and great battery. I am really scared that the rMBP will get the same update soon, so it would be a bad investment to buy the rMPB now. But I need a mac now..

The MBA I want cost 1300$ and the rMBP cost 1480$

Which one should I choose?



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Feb 2, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland
An update is likely to happen soon, probably in October. If you can wait until then it could be worth it.

But if you absolutely need it now...

It depends on your usage.

The battery life is a clear advantage to the MBA, if you generally need to work on battery a whole day. If it's only once in a while, I don't think it's such a big deal. The battery life on the MPB is still very good.

The speed of the SSD, mmm, I don't think you will really see a difference in your everyday use.

Then comes the weight, advantage to the MBA.

So if you want more portability, go for the MBA. If you want the Retina screen, go for the MBP.

You won't see much difference in terms of performance between these two models (I assume you are talking about both 13" machines).
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