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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Blazer5913, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Currently I have an older Incase neoprene sleve designed for the 13" Macbook Pro but I am using it for my 13" MBA. I put the sleeve+laptop in my way too old backpack and take it to work each day, along with my power cord. I was hoping to upgrade to an "all in one" over the shoulder type bag that would not only fit and made for my 13" MBA, but also fit a charger, iPad, iPhone, miscellaneous cords as well as room for folders/books/ect. Now, I say "fit" meaning hopefully a dedicated pocket/sleeve measured specifically for each device. I know that i can find any old bag that has enough pockets and squeeze stuff into various areas, but I want a clean, over the shoulder bag, that was just made for my MBA and the rest of my iLife haha. thanks
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    Seconded. I love InCase bags. My wife got this for me for Christmas - it's for a 15", but the laptop sleeve fits my 11.6 Air (inside of its Pack & Smooch sleeve) perfectly with room to slide my iPad stand in beside it, and it has dedicated pockets for the iPad and your phone, with several other pockets, etc. to spare. I'd recommend it:

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