MBA booked in for a repair. Some questions.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by abz1981, Dec 12, 2013.

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    Hey all

    So for the first time in my MBA owning life I am without my MBA. It is at the apple store away for a repair. Due to keychain and other issues. Now a question I have is that they told me they will have everything wiped off my MBA which I am okay with. But I thought this is something that I thought I would have to do myself. Or is this normal procedure they they will do it. As I told them I have a password on the log in screen they said that's fine they have there ways to erase what is on my MBA themselves? Is this right? As I had some privacy concerns regarding this. As normally when I replace my iPhone I make sure it's wiped myself.

    Also when I get my MBA I take it they will make sure it's all 100% working before they give it back. Will they end up making sure any cosmetic marks are clean etc. for example when I get it back it will be like as new or something?

    Sorry for all these questions. Just never had to have my MBA booked in for repair before.

    Thanks for reading
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    Unless u got something in there that society doesn't approve of I wouldn't worry about it.

    Then I would take a series of close-up pics under different lightings, for peace of mind, that it won't come back scratched. It happens!
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    You COULD do it yourself, but if you don't, they MAY do it anyway.

    Yes. It's possible to go into recovery mode from the boot sequence on a Mac and erase the drive, without logging in.

    As a rule you should do the same with any other device that you send in for service, if they store personal data.

    They will make sure the issues you have are addressed, basically following the work order you sign when you drop off the mac for repair.

    As far as cosmetic condition: The condition of the device is noted when you bring it in, and they're responsible for returning it to you in the same condition you brought it to them, minus of course the repairs that have been authorized. They will not remove any dings, dents or marks that are already there. The only time that ever happens is if, for whatever reason, it's decided that the situation is so far gone that they need to replace the whole system.
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    Oh okay thanks for your useful answer. You answered my questions :)

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