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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by JBat, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I've had my 13" MBA for one week now and so far the things have gone really well. I have an iMac, which has been a great computer for me, but this is my first Apple laptop.

    Specs: 13", 8GB RAM, 2.0 GHz processor, 256GB of storage. Mountain Lion OS.

    Things I like:

    1. The size of the screen has been great. I was initially shopping my long-time dream computer, a 15" MBP, but reading posts here and really honestly assessing my needs, the MBA was a better choice at this time. I'm not a power user, so the MBP is on hold for now. Maybe gen 2 or 3 of the retina models.

    2. The system performance has been outstanding. Apps are quick to open and the 8 gigs of RAM was a good decision on my part. With 12 apps open, I still have just under 5 gigs free. It may be overkill, but given that no upgrades can be made, I went full boat.

    3. The keyboard and track pad are very good. Whatever limitations they have can be worked around with keyboard shortcuts, and I'm a big keyboard shortcut guy. The track pad gestures take practice but are outstanding once you get the hang of them. I find myself absentmindedly trying to use them on my PC at work. :D

    4. The lightness and form factor. Very good but the surface is slick to me, so I have an iCarbon skin on the way.

    5. A lot of people have had issues with ML, but it’s been working very well for me, smooth and snappy with a lot of cool features. The Safari updates have been great in particular, with lots of neat features that enhance web surfing. The pinch move to easily scroll through open tabs is really cool. Being able to swipe through full screen apps is one of the cooles features I've seen on any computer. A solid upgrade from the Snow Leopard I have on my iMac.

    Things I don't like so much:

    1. I've read a lot about how sturdy the MBA is and it is well made, but there is flex in both the top and bottom, obviously a byproduct of its thinness. It does feel a tad on the delicate side.

    3. While the screen size is good for my uses, it is typical of most displays of its ilk, with crappy viewing angles. Not a deal breaker but it's there.

    4. The edges of the bottom of the computer are too pronounced and can be irritating to the hands and wrists. As much as Apple put into the design of this machine, they dropped the ball on this one, IMO.

    5. The machine is just a little top-heavy, but that’s nitpicking.

    6. I wish the feet on the bottom were a softer rubber instead of the harder stuff on there now. It would keep the machine from sliding around as much.

    Overall, I’m pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful, affordable and versatile laptop.
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