MBA July 2011 or 2012?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by parajba, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. parajba macrumors 6502

    Apr 19, 2008
    I can get hold of a brand new 2011 air (i5, 4GB, 256 SSD) for £999 w official warranty or buy the latest air for £1,249 (same spec).

    I current have a 2010 MB pro (i5 2.4, 4GB, 320 GB, GT330 256MB).

    My use is:

    - photos, music, surfing
    - Financial analysis, Office (with boot camp)

    Which one would you recommend and why? I'm starting a Masters in business administration so was planning to ditch the heavy mac book pro for an air, so I can easily take it to the campus.

  2. Bug-Creator macrumors 6502


    May 30, 2011
    What ever your undersecretary of finances allows you *doh*

    You won't see that much of a difference when your doing normal stuff anyways.

    What might be an idea is to upgrade the 2012 to 8GB which will give you smoother riding if you decide to use a VM instead of boot-camping.
  3. parajba thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 19, 2008
    Thanks. Is the latest virtualisation fast? The last time I tried it (2 years ago, same pro machine), I could notice an annoying time lag between keyboard and actual execution. Things weren't instant like in a native environment...We are talking about fraction of seconds, but definitely noticeable if you are was like using an Amiga in the 80s...
  4. will0407 macrumors 6502a

    May 20, 2006
    Or....if you know student ask them to buy it for you online through the HE store, thus giving you 3 years hardware warranty for free (no need to buy applecare) and saving you £175! (comes in at £1074)

    If you upgrade to 8GB ram and the i7 processor, it comes to £1245.

    I'd be happy to help you out but obviously that would involve a lot of trust! I do have a reference from another forum member (on my public profile) I've dealt with on here before- I got her an i7 13" pro.

    EDIT: Just seen you're doing a masters so just log onto the apple HE store from your campus internet and you'll be able to order yourself and get the £70 app store voucher as well
  5. parajba thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 19, 2008
    Thanks for your help.

    Yes, I haven't enrolled yet, planning to.
    The full price of the i7/8GB is 1449.

    How much would I pay through HE?
  6. will0407 macrumors 6502a

    May 20, 2006
    Have sent a PM

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