MBA, MBP 13" & 15" weight differences

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Dr_Maybe, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Looking at the new MBP 13 vs. MBA I'm thinking about why I'm interested in the MBA in the first place. The 15" isn't that much heavier than the 13". From 2.5kg to 2kg I would save about 20% weight. And get a smaller screen. Is that really worth it?

    On the other hand the MBA will save about 45% weight.

    A visual representation of the weight differences (15", 13", Air):

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    May 17, 2009
    I have also jumped around a lot - all over the place, when deciding which MacBook is most suitable for me. It's easy to rationalize in increments (in this case weight) the same way that I do with price ("..but then if I'm going to buy this one, then that next one is just x amount more, and then that one..")

    You have to decide what it is you like about the Air, and what your needs are. If you are looking at the 15" Pro all of a sudden because you want extra performance, or screen size, then you have to evaluate if the Air is the right fit for you after all. The incremental weight difference between the 13" and 15" MacBook Pros are not a whole lot, but the difference between the Air and the 15" Pro are significant!

    Again, if you prefer a 15" display, then don't consider the Air or 13" MacBook Pro. If portability is the most important for you, then you will most likely prefer a lighter, smaller machine.
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    If you use an MBA with SSD and a beautiful display for a few days while on the couch, in an airplane, in bed, at a client's office, or etc, YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THE FORM FACTOR!

    We can all say how practical the 13" MBP is now with the far superior capabilities of RAM... but with SSD, a 2.13 GHz CPU, and soon Snow Leopard, THE MBA IS EXTREMELY CAPABLE FOR THE AVERAGE MAC USER!

    Connect it to a 24" LED ACD, and you have an instant desktop. Perfect docking station and even power connector... USB hub, camera, and SPEAKERS which the MBA really benefits from!

    Remember too, that extra RAM doesn't really make the Mac faster. Extra RAM is ONLY used when you use many apps or highly intensive apps that need the RAM. Most people using a 13" display, aren't using the heavily intensive apps, but when hooked up to 24" ACD, YES.

    So, RAM in the MBP is the big difference, along with battery, and MAYBE a better display. BUT, the fun in the MBA is unmatchable by the "practical" MBP 13" notebook!

    I plan to use my new 2.13 GHz MBA with SSD as my primary Mac with a 24" LED ACD. I am a business consultant, lecturer (college), public speaker, and writer. For my needs, the MBA is incredible. I am a business "PRO," and I think the vast majority of users like me would far more enjoy the MBA. I don't believe that people will NEED the extra RAM offered by the MBP. BUT, the battery could be the reason for some to lug around the extra weight.

    Nothing beats the MBA when it comes to fun. But as a work computer, portable ALL DAY LONG on one charge, with a beautiful display, perhaps fun isn't what I should be looking for??? But I use my MBA for everything, so it's used just as much for personal entertainment/computing as professional work. Whether I am on the couch, at a client's office, or giving a presentation with Keynote, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the MBA! But maybe my love should be for the Mac with more power, longer battery usage, and better display???

    I am going to work on both for a few weeks and totally review them. Will report back.
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    How's the battery life on your MBA? What's the longest you ever used it before having to charge it? I only need a notebook for watching youtube videos on my couch, surfing the web outdoors and for word-processing. I have an iMac for everything else.

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