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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by naximov, Apr 20, 2012.

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    I bought my first Mac 3 weeks ago, hoping to get an excellent quality product which would last me for years. I bought the entry level 13" MBA, with 3 year warranty, in total worth £1,300. For that amount of money i could have bought 2 decent vaio's....

    I soon noticed that the right speaker on my MBA makes buzzing noise, kind of like it's blown. I never had speakers maxed out, and my laptop is brand new. So I took it to the covent garden store. The guy was very helpful, immediately identified the issue (he tried playing music through left and right speakers separately, and left speaker was perfect, no buzzing) and replaced the right speaker within an hour. The problem was still there...He then suggested that I should give my mac in for repair, in case the issue is with the logic board or the casing..

    So i collected my "repaired" mac the next day, and according to the report it had a new logic board, right speaker, housing (top case), with labour in total worth £390. As the product was under 3 year warranty, i didn't have to pay any of it. Guess what?

    The speaker was still buzzing!!

    The Genius said that they pretty much coudn't do anything else, as this is apparently an issue WITH ALL 13" Mid 2011 MBA MODELS!!! I found this statement extremely hard to believe, I simply cannot imagine Jony Ive and the Co in Cupertino releasing a laptop into masses with such obvious and irritating issue, which screams of low quality!!

    I was also very annoyed at how whoever was "fixing" my mac didnt actually fix anything, they clearly went through all standard steps, replacing the parts blindly but failing to sort the problem! How can anyone have the cheek to claim that the item is "fixed" when it isn't!!!! APPLE, this was terrible!!! If you can't fix it, admit it, try replacing the item or give the money back, but do not simply ignore the issue!!

    So I am wondering:

    1) if you have a mid 2011 MBA, ideally 13", do you have the same speaker issue?
    2) what to do next?? According to the Genius, my MBA cannot be replaced as it has been over 2 weeks since the date of purchase.. So it feels like £1,300 were blown on nothing and even a simple speaker issue cannot be fixed.

    P.S. A quick look on the internet shows that I am not alone with the speaker issue.

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