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    Mar 27, 2015
    Hi, I'm getting a MacBook Air soon just wondering if these two models have a huge difference? Not sure if it's worth getting the MJVE2LL/A (2015 model).
  2. xylitol macrumors 6502

    Nov 2, 2013
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    Feb 23, 2015
    I’ve had both you will not notice a difference from basic use
  4. Lunding macrumors newbie

    Mar 28, 2015
    I’ve bought a MD760 (2014 model) 14 days ago as my first Macbook ever as it was somewhat cheaper than the new MJEV2 (2015 model) and because various reviews concluded that the performance was quite similar. So I choose the 2014 model.

    The last 6 month did I several times look at the Macbook Air in various shops and concluded that despite it was not a Retina display, the display was quite good with bright colours. So I thought it was odd that the 2014 model I’ve purchased had washed out colours until I found out that it was a LG display. I went back to the various shops where I’ve looked at the MBA to find out that all the display models had Samsung displays which in my opinion represents brighter colours. Going through this forum did I also realise that Apple uses various version of SSD and the 2014 model I got was equipped with a Sandisk SSD which should be a slower version.

    I was possible for me to return the 2014 model, so I decided to go the shop and also buy a 2015 model as I read I was equipped with both a Samsung display and Samsung SSD. Internet research gave me the impression that Apple so far only produces the new model with Samsung parts.

    It gave me the possibility to compare the two versions. I also updated the 2014 version with the LG display colour profile found on this site. I did no do any benchmark tests at all. Just compared them by feelings.

    First of all did the 2015 Samsung display to me appear better and represents better and brighter colors. Even thought it was not a huge difference. Exact as all the 2014 display models I’ve tested at the shops. And the narrow lines between the cells in Excel was clear and not blurry as with the LG display. Small letters in Safari was perfect clear. On the 2014 model they seemed blurry and not that easy to read. Even when using glasses. The LG version improved by increasing contrast but was still not as good as the Samsung version.

    Also everything responded much quicker on the 2015 model. Especially when opening applications like Photoshop, Word or Safari or larger documents. I guess it’s because of the SSD. For me the two variants felt like night or day and the premium price for the 2015 version to me was worth the extra $. Only based on user feelings. I kept the 2015 version and the 2014 version was reinstalled and returned the next morning.

    I simply love my new 2015 MBA and still wonder why a company as Apple will make such differences in quality experience. Especially the Samsung/LG display thing where the display version in the shops has a Samsung display and the model you bring back home has a LG display.
  5. motrek macrumors 68020

    Sep 14, 2012
    Nothing nefarious. Apple sells so many devices that they second-source parts. This means they will often have two or more manufacturers making parts, like LG and Samsung for the displays, or Sandisk and Samsung and Toshiba for the SSDs. In case something happens with one supplier, or the factory output isn't high enough, they can still get parts from the second supplier and continue to sell laptops/phones/etc. They can also leverage second sources to get lower prices from the other/primary sources.

    The fact that all of the display models at the stores you've seen have Samsung displays probably just means that they all came from the same manufacturing run--logical since they would have had to be delivered to the shops at the same time to set up the displays. I doubt anybody at Apple Headquarters decided that the Samsung displays were better and intentionally shipped only Samsung displays to stores as demo models. I would be surprised if Apple even has such fine-grained control over their inventory like that.

    I don't doubt that the LG displays are more "washed out" (i.e., less saturated) than the Samsung displays but I think the other differences you mentioned are probably mostly in your head. With LCD displays, each pixel is controlled individually and I don't see how it's technically possible for the thin borders of Excel cells or thin lines in text to appear fuzzy or blurry. If we were talking about TVs or CRT monitors from 10-15 years ago, then sure. But not LCD panels.

    Similarly, I think you only saw a difference in SSD performance because you wanted to. While one SSD might be faster than another, simply booting an app like Excel doesn't read in that much data from the SSD and it isn't read in at a very high rate either--it will be accomplished in a split second no matter which SSD you're using. I doubt the difference between 400 MB/s and 500 MB/s (or whatever) makes a difference of more than a few milliseconds.

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