mba owner with a mb question - cant run hardware diag

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ducatidoc, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Apr 20, 2008
    first off, i know im probably not posting this in the most correct forum, but im an mba owner and regularly read this forum and trust is members. am seeking some help from my mba brethren here...

    my wife's mb has been acting weird. never realized there was a blue screen of death for mac until this gray image wiped across her screen star wars style. she seems to reboot, all is fine, and then a week or so later it repeats.

    i should mention that her mb was purchased last november and is the aluminum kind. so the warranty is still in effect but im persona non grata if i try the 800 number for apple care.

    so first i tried the hardware test. inserted disc 1, held "d" upon boot, got the gray apple screen, the winding circle, then the screen turned blue, the mouse icon appeared.. then the mouse icon disappeared... appeared again... and over and over. no wallpaper, icons, nothing. just blue. i was told the hardware test brings up its own screen. no such luck here.

    so i tried to reboot and got the same problem. remember, i cant eject the darn disc so im not sure if thats to blame. next i tried clearing the pram but got the same issue again. gray apple, gray winding, then just infinite blue.

    i need some help here guys and gals. at the minimum id like this thing to work before my wife gets home from work in case she needs it tonight so we can schedule a repair when its convenient for her. any ideas whats going on with this mb?

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