MBA Troubles - Keychain and WPA2 authentication

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    Hello all! I am a new Mac user being thrust into this position by my lovely corporation and I have run into some snags with the system. First off, I must say Mac has a way better product than any other manufacturer out there. Most of the issues I have had were solvable using handy ole Google and applying some general common sense but this one is really starting to irritate me. First off, I accidentally deleted the "login" keychain from my Keychain Assistant. I know there is no way to recover this unless you have made a backup (which I did not) so I reset My Default Keychain. Restarted the MBA and there again is the Login keychain. However, everytime I enter a username or a password into, lets say, it will not ask me to save it. Did I omit a step in recreating the Login KC? Also, somewhat having to do with my first issue, my MBA will not save the authentication credentials for my Wifi access. We are using WPA2-Enterprise here at my company. I have about 20 MBA's that are currently in service in the company and all 20 of them have not had issues saving the credentials for our wireless. I have set all of them up exactly the same. This seems to be the only one that has that issue. Anyhow, the reason I inadvertantly deleted the Login keychain was I was trying to delete the, I guess certificate, that was associated with our wireless network hoping that by entering the credentials again it would fix my issue. Instead of right clicking or two-finger clicking on the trackpad with the cursor over the correct key, I boneheadedly went to edit and deleted the whole string. So in a nutshell I have an amazing MBA-13" running OS X 10.6.8 (Its either a late 2010 or early 2011 model) that always prompts me for my network password everytime it boots and it wont save passwords for Safari, etc.. Please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all! -Mac Noob
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    For the save password prompt in safari you must activate it in safari preferences. Sorry not on my computer at the moment or I would've posted a screenshot for you. As for your keychain dilemma I will leave that for one of the more knowledgeable members to address.

    Here is the screenshot for the Safari Preference need to have the "user names and passwords" box selected.

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