MBA very slow, beachball and hard to use

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macgrl, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Hello all,

    I have a 2012 MBA running Yosemite Since yesterday it has become very slow, laggy, and beachballs. It is also running hot when using the simplest applications that it never got hot with before.

    Yesterday I did some scanning via my scan snap. Not massive documents just a few pages of A4 which I have done hundreds of times before. I then tired to open two pdf in preview so I could add one to another. This caused a big freeze and I had to do a hard shut down to get it to respond. These pdfs are no bigger than others and open fine in adobe. I believe it may have had a kernal panic?

    I gave up trying and went to bed.

    This morning it is still the same and now the mac is very slow to respond when clicking on anything, it beachballs and runs slow...this post is taking an age to type and the fan is running just using firefox.

    I have looked at the hard drive amount left and there is 82 out of 250gb.

    This is driving me nuts and it is become hard to use. I just cant work out what it day fine the the next not:confused:
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    Down the free application EtreCheck and run it. It will print out a system report and show you what's not compatible with Yosemite in RED then it will show a path to the file to delete it manually. Then with all the noncompatible files deleted immeadiatly reboot and then enjoy the speed.
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    Simple (perhaps simplistic) question:

    Have you tried shutting it down (power all the way off), then restarting?

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