MBA vs 13'' MBP (high end) vs 15'' MBP (low end)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by solaris7, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,
    I am pretty sick of the integrated graphics on my blackbook (GMA x3100), I am looking for a big upgrade. I just have a few criteria that I need to get checked off before I take the plunge.

    Graphics: Important. I am not a hardcore gamer but at the same time not a casual gamer, I want to be able to play my games atleast in medium with decent frame rates (games like TF2, CS:soucre and SC2). The problem with the entry level 15'' is the dedicated graphics that is not very good, I would have to go in for the high end model.

    Battery Life: I know all 3 are a big upgrade, at the same time all 3 have almost the same battery life (with the MBA weighing in almost half that of the MBP 13'').

    Durability: I made the mistake on my blackbook, where I thought I did not need the graphics, I was very wrong. I need something that can last me atleast 3 years without becoming torture towards the end of the device's life).

    CPU: I currently only code and do light stuff, but I don't mind having the power available when I need it, although quad core would be overkill. I will def. not be doing any video editing and heavy stuff like that.

    Thanks for any inputs!!
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