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    I can not decide between both machines. I am sure about everything but ONE thing I would like to do with my laptop the macbook air can handle, and I don't mind paying the 2 grand for the look and thinness, just not 1 grand for 64gb hd.

    The one thing is I am interested in being able to output 720p/1080p to an external display.

    What are the odds its going to be able to do this at 1.8 ghz?
    The only differences I see in this department from the reg macbook is the .42 more ghz in the processor and a faster hdd to read off of (which I believe will be the main issue). Assuming the micro dvi port is the same as the mini dvi port, then the actual card itself and the memory amount is the same as the macbook (which 1080p works on fine with.)

    I plan on having an external hard drive so perhaps when I want to use my laptop as an hd dvd player/blu ray player using x264 rips I can run them directly off that through usb 2, or if that skips will it not skip directly off the 80gb 4200 internal drive?

    I am also assuming the analog out is just like a regular analog out on a laptop/ipod that supports stereo? I am willing to give up digital sound.

    Everything else this laptop will be used for is web surfing, documents and itunes, and watching movies when traveling directly off the HD as I have a super desktop at home.

    Two more things:
    A. The current wireless 802.11n is backwards compatible with the 54g network I have in my house and pretty much any wifi network correct?

    B. Can I just buy one of those adapters that convert one usb port into like 4 if I ever need to have more than one usb device connected at once?
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    Jan 8, 2008
    Answer to Questions

    Answer to your 1st Question: Yes 802.11n is backward compatible with A, B, & G networks. So if you have older computers running on those networks, then either way they will be able to get online, or you will be able to get online. BUT you will not have have N speeds if you have a G router. You will only get the max output the G provides. Vice versa, the older computers, will read an N router, but will only go as fast as what the have onboard, if they are not networked directly to the router.

    Answer to 2nd Question: Yes you can plug in an USB Hub, and utilize multiple USB devices via the one usb port running to the hub.

    In regards, to the MBA vs. MB, it is a personal choice.

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