MBP 09-Intermittent freezing, boot up issues, non-responsive keyboard

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Long story short - reapplied thermal compound, cleaned out the fan, severed trackpad ribbon by accident, laptop boots to a white screen, checked assembly multiple times for unplugged components - http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/111158/MBP+stuck+at+white+screen+when+booting . When I perform a PRAM reset, the comp boots up correctly and I can use option to switch between os's. However, there is a massive delay between inputs when I use the keyboard to select my boot options - sometimes button inputs do nothing or get registered as holding the key.

    Once I reach the win7 login screen, my keyboard no longer works. Once logged in, I hear the constant sound of a new device found which is actually the trackpad installing itself over and over.

    On the Mac OS, once I reach the desktop, I can move my mouse around but not click. Keyboard doesn't work.

    Would reformatting each OS's partition fix these issues? I'm worried that the boot menu lag will not be affected by clean installs.

    Edit: Deleted and formatted the HD to install the ML OS. Booting seems to be a bit more reliable but the keyboard is dead once I reach the install screen. I'll need to find a USB keyboard to continue the "create new computer user" part of install.

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