MBP 13/15 - Last bit of advice please ;)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ShocK x10, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Sep 18, 2009
    OK I had decided that a 2.26 MacBook Pro 13 would be enough for me, but they I thought 'What about SPORE or CoD4..' well SPORE wont play on the 9400M so I wont bother with that. CoD4 on the other hand will. Now Ive stated in other threads that Id use Adobe suite for design, and that Im likely to sell it after 2 revisions and the new processors/gpus are released.

    My parents will purchase either the 2.26 or 2.53. I know there is not much gain for 2.53 over 2.26 but im a power user on windows so Im fear I may miss the 'max'. Will 2.53 be good for CoD4 over the 2.26, running at decent res and decent graphics?
    I think Id rather go with the 2.26 purely because its cheaper, and Id rather take it to school because its 'only' £750 instead of £960 :eek:

    If I feel I miss the added bonus, or even the bonus of a discrete GPU, I may sell both my MBP and my desktop and purchase a 15. Not sure yet, but Its probably the 2.26 vs 2.53 for 13" portability.

    Money is not a big issue because my 'rents are happy to buy the 2.53, but Im wondering whether to go with that or the 2.26 and ask them tog et an SSD; else I will be buying an SSD for the 2.53 when I get the money.

    Any comments? ThNx
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    Honestly, I'd wait for the revised MBP at this point, which might coincide with iLife 10, hopefully. In the mean time, maybe buy the low end MBP from the refurb store?

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