MBP 13" 2011 Bottom panel replacement?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Legion93, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Apr 6, 2011
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    Hi, not sure if this is the right section for this post but I'll go ahead and explain my situation. I received my new MBP 13" (October 2011 model) yesterday and I tried to change the hard drive to an SSD but couldn't open one of the longer screws underneath the laptop (total of 3) because it was partially stripped and with the effort of trying to unscrew it the screw got stripped completely so the screwdriver was turning freely. As I tried to unscrew more the bottom panel kind of broke due to excessive force and bent inwards (the black air vent holes attached to the bottom part of the case split in two, so to make it clear there seems to be only damage to the bottom housing, not the laptop itself.

    I wanted to know if Apple can replace the bottom housing (I don't mind doing it at my own expense), although it is still under warranty I doubt Apple will cover this as it is a user fault. If anyone has any idea if Apple does replace the bottom cover and if so, most importantly, at what cost? I haven't tried going to Apple store genius bar yet since I want to know before I explain them the situation. So the whole situation is just replacing the bottom panel but since the case contains the laptop's serial no. I can't get a third-party replacement and such, only Apple can do this to my knowledge...

    Just to let you know I have done many upgrades to previous MBPs and not had a single issue, it's just a defective screw that arrived to me somehow and the stupidity of me forcing the screw unscrew more.

    Thanks very much for all you're help!
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    I'd go in and tell the genius bar what happened. explained that you're experienced with doing upgrades and nothing like this has happened to you before and that the screw was pre-stripped. I've seen pre-stripped screws in various computers i've worked on before.

    Just be honest. See what they can do for you. They should be able to order a bottom case replacement without any trouble.
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    This is why I like Torx or even Security Torx. As long as you have the correct size driver, its extremely unlikely your going to strip the heads.

    powerbookmedic.com looks like they have the 2010 bottom's. Drop them a line and ask if the 2010 cover will fit the 2011's.

    And while your at it, grab some quality drivers - http://www.ifixit.com/Tools/JIS-Driver-Set/IF145-115
    (And maybe a screw extractor set? - http://www.ifixit.com/Tools/Precision-Screw-Extractor-Set/IF145-118)

    P.S. If you do bring it to Apple, make sure you put the original hard drive back, or they might not do the repair.
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    Thanks for your replies, Quad:

    I Believe those cases for the MBP are only for the 2009/10 models so I don't think it will work. The trouble is having the serial number etched on it - all MBPs come with the serial number on written on the bottom case - a service only which Apple provides. I am just wondering an estimated price point to get it replaced and whether Apple will replace it at all? Anyway I'll reserve an oppintment at the genius bar this weekend and see what they've gotta say.

    I just called them about the issue and they said that I had void the warranty by trying to remove the the case... Which is total nonsense since it does not void the warranty if you want to change the hard drive or memory - they are user replaceable and it even states the procedure in the manual! On top of this the laptop came with the screw half stripped so technically it's not my fault. I used to think Apple had great customer service..
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    Okay so I did a quick dig around and it looks to me that replacing of the hard drive (and RAM for that matter) on the MBPs do not void the warranty. However if the installed hard drive causes any issues to the computer (having installed it yourself), the limited warranty doesn't cover it or any damaged caused by the hard drive.

    Here's an excerpt that I got from a 2011 MBP Manual
    Being that you haven't 'gone into the computer' yet and haven't swapped out the hard drive, the damage to the case could purely be something that you simply could've done without attempting to replace the HDD, theoretically speaking. :confused: Regardless, I don't see why Apple won't be willing to swap out the bottom case for you as a paid service at the very least. Attempted HDD swap doesn't count as a swap that's occurred. Besides, as you could read from above, any damage 'from' the swap isn't covered with the limited warranty but fails to mention that the act of swapping fails the warranty. Besides, swapping out HDD and RAM is a common procedure for people and they included the instructions in the manual. No reason for them to refuse service.

    Just stop by an Apple Store (or Certified Technician) and explain. Phone support only returned generic replies for me in most cases, and only when I stopped by the shop was I able to get any resolutions.

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