MBP 13" hinge sticking out a tiny bit

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Inspired, Aug 14, 2010.

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Hi everybody, so I've owned my owned my MBP for about 2 weeks now, I love it, it's my very first apple notebook ever. The first one I got, it froze once on te second day, so i went and got an exchange, the one I am using now, works great performance-wise but I have noticed that the hinge(the black plastic in the back) sticks out a tiny bit on the left side. It's not absolutely apparent, but you can feel it when you graze your fingers over it. IS anyone going through this? Also I would like to ask if it would be bad to place pressure in that area, because when I am on campus, I would be carrying the MBP on its side a lot from one class to another and my classes are only about 5min away from each other I might not put it in my backpack. So is it ok to carry the MBP on it's side, placing pressure on the black plasticky area? Thanks guys.
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    Jun 26, 2009
    My first one had a little sticking out on the right side, It wasn't an issue until 2 weeks later it had the freezing issue.
    So I suggest you constantly overload your cpu and check if everything works well.
    Putting a little pressure on the hinge is fine if the pressure is distributed and not uniform to one location, because if theres to much pressure on one side of the hinge it will break or cause the other side to stick out, which may have been the cause of yours sticking out.
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    I think they are having manufacturing issues with the 13" at the moment. I have returned two in the last fortnight for the lids being mis-aligned with the base. They didn't seem very shocked when I returned the first because of the this for an exchange, or when the second that I received was worse than the first and that went back for a refund. The other 2 13" MBP we had from 2009 were perfectly built, real shame they are letting things go in the QC dept.
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    Got an appointment with the Genius Bar a little later today, gonna keep this post updated on what happens...Wish me luck.

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