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Apr 29, 2016
So I just bought a refurbished MBP 13” i5 2015 with 16GB RAM and 256GB. I know WWDC is around the corner but judging from the initial MB 2016 prices, to get the new MBP with 16GB of RAM would probably cost too much for me.

However I was tempted to get the MB 2016 m7 because it was similar in price and I really appreciate the thin design. Also the one port situation doesn’t bother me. My question.. Is there a huge difference in performance between these two machines? This would be my primary workstation so I opted for the MBP but if performance is very similar, I’ll probably return it and get the MB m7.


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Oct 24, 2012
It depends what kind of work you'll be doing. Anything load intensive will run much nicer on the Pro. But if you don't do anything that intensive then you'd probably get along just fine with the MB.
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Mar 13, 2014
I wish I could get the MB but it's not powerful enough for me. I think if you are just doing word processing, browsing the web, playing music, and checking email it is a good choice.

There is definitely a big speed difference between the MB and MBP when doing anything more than the above. Especially if you are used to having lots of applications running at the same time.


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Nov 10, 2015
Performance is definitely stronger with the pro, however the MB handles regular tasks just fine. I use a 2015 base model as my daily driver and usually have excel, PowerPoint, acrobat, Evernote, slack, 2 or 3 instances of chrome with 15 tabs open in total and it handles the load very well.
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Jan 24, 2013
I have the 1.2 2015 model.

I use: Xcode, Logic Pro X (with about 250GB virtual instruments installed), and Windows 10 installed with VMware Fusion.

I'm a beginning Comp Sci student, and use it for programming and also writing music with (small orchestral usually, usually < 10 instruments).

Right now I have 3 desktops open, Safari with only 2 tabs (usually I have 4-8), and Fusion running Windows 10 with Edge open. Activity monitor says I'm at about 35-40% system idle, but it's throttled down since I've been using the virtual machine quite a bit over the last half hour.

When I let it rest, and just use safari (like to type this reply), its around 75-90% system idle...right now it's actually 91% system idle.

In my experience, it handles much more than just general browsing/typing, and it's actually pretty capable. My 15" has been pretty much left alone for awhile...


Aug 10, 2007
Yes, the MacBook is made for light office work on the go. It does that task very well. The rMBP feels zippier in pretty much anything you do. Doesn't mean you can't do more demanding stuff on a MacBook, but it'll mean you need some patience (which, sadly, I don't have). Unless you need ultraportable, the rMBP is a safer choice at the same price. And so is the Surface Pro 4.
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