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    I replaced the battery in my late 2009 MBP in late 2012.
    Today at the Apple store (see story below) I was told that even though the battery is ok, I still have to plug in to the wall outlet for the MBP to work.

    Battery is showing %65, Battery is not Charging,
    Power Source: Power adapter.

    If I unplug the power MBP shuts down.

    Apple store says, that the whole logic board needs to be replaced to deal with the issue, asking for $1100

    Any ideas?
    For the entertaining Apple facepalm story, read below.
    Skip to the ^^^^ to get the idea.


    In the morning, when I turned it on, the screen was not working, but the MBP was working — I had it connected to external monitor, and it loaded up fine.

    I called Apple Support, and since I just installed Maverics (and had software support) I was somewhat covered for troubleshooting.
    After running some resets/restarts technician told me that it is most likely a hardware issue and recommended I make a Genius Bar appointment.

    Few hours later, I was at the local Apple store, and after taking my MBP
    "backstage" the technician told me that apparently a bracket that connects the screen to the logic board was missing/broken and the connection was secured with tape, which has gotten loose and disconnected the backlight on the monitor.

    He told me that he secured the connection with 2 more pieces of tape and the screen is now working, but told me that for the fix to be "official" whole screen need to be replaced.
    He also delivered some other news: the MBP now only worked when connected to the outlet (this was not a problem before I came to the store).

    Backtrack: the MBP in question was serviced 3 times in the last year,
    1. the whole screen was replaced (the body started coming apart—manufacturing flaw), (free)
    2.Battery was replaced in the late 2012 (fee)
    3.the airport failed, and that was replaced for (fee).

    Tech also discovered some traces of 1/5th a cup of coffee that I spilled on the keyboard about half a year ago—the MBP was off at the time and I had no problems with it after the spill. I confirmed that indeed, there was a small amount of liquid in the MBP.

    I asked if the screen bracket was broken during the repairs,
    and in return it was implied by the techician (never directly though) that it was me who broke the bracket and taped the connection to the logic board.
    I told him that the MPB was serviced 3 times last year and suggested that it was an error on the part of the person doing the repairs.
    Technician then told me that in that case I would be informed that "tape is being used" to make a repair (outruling Apple store mistake) and then estimated that the "official" fix would be around $500.

    I asked to see the manager. When she arrived I explained the situation and asked her if it is possible that it was a mistake on the repair staff. She suggested that the computer was taken to a third party for a repair (it was not). She then told me that people making the repairs on my MBP worked at the location for 6 years, and they were the most trustworthy people.

    I asked her if she is suggesting that I broke the bracket and taped the connection to the logic board.
    Manager: "No, all am saying is that someone did it" (not my employees)
    Me: "It's a binary problem, 1s or 0s. No one had the MBP except Apple store and me, so if you are saying it's not Apple, then you are saying I did it, and taped it. "
    Manager: "No, thats not what I'm saying."
    Me: "Was it taped with the tape that Apple store uses?"
    Manager: "Yes. But you can buy that tape anywhere"
    Me: facepalm

    In any case, the monitor was working, and I asked them about the battery fearing for the worst.
    "The battery is ok, we see that it was replaced in late 2012, the problem is with logic board. We can replace it at around 1100. I can give you a discount of 100"

    Me: "It was working when I was with tech support on the phone, 3 hours ago" ...facepalm.

    Of course main problem was that they found a "water damage" which voided everything anyway.

    So here we go, according to these apple employees I broke the bracket, taped it, fixing the problem. Yet went to the Apple store when the tape got loose, (instead of re-taping it again) and broke the power management of the logic board while in the Genius Bar :/

    After coming home, I called Apple, and the customer service told me they could not do anything because of the indicated "water damage".
    The best they could offer me is the discount on my next apple purchase (I'm yet to find out what the discount will be).
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