MBP 2011-Apple Care question reg. SSD replacement

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by macjunk(ie), May 24, 2014.

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    Not sure if this was asked here before but I remember that changing the hard rive on a MBP (non-retina) does not void the warranty.

    I got a MBP 2011 model whose warranty expires this year. I had replaced its 750GB hard drive with an Intel SSD. Off late though, I have been having kernel panics related to GPU (See here). I called up AppleCare to test the waters and see if my warranty still holds up and to my surprise, they said no! I would like to dismiss this as lack of information on the AppleCare rep's part but anyone here with experience on this matter? I have since restored my MBP to its original config and as expected, things have slowed down to a crawl!
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    I can't say I have been in the same position as you, so I don't have experience in this. However, I'm checking the user manual for my machine which is a late 2011 13" MBP.

    The manual includes a chapter:

    Chapter 3 Boost Your MacBook Pro
    In that chapter there are sections covering:
    • Replacing the Hard Disk Drive
    • Installing Additional Memory

    These are tasks that Apple expects the owner to carry out, although they do make the recommendation "Apple recommends that you have an Apple-certified technician install replacement drives and memory".

    Since it's mentioned in their own manual, swapping the hard disk should not be justification for refusing a claim. You can download the manual for your machine and I expect it will say something similar.

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    It won't be an issue. I've had (on separate occasions) a logic board and a battery replacement on my 2009 MBP with an aftermarket SSD and RAM in it. No questions were asked.
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    thanks for the replies!
    The damn thing has not crashed since I made the switch and I can only take so many beach balls a day...SSD going back in.

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