MBP 2011 battery calibration error

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by xdbuix, Apr 23, 2011.

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    I have done a battery calibration on my new 15 MBP. Usually, when it runs out of power, it goes to sleep, and when I charge it up, everything is back to what I was using. However this time, my MBP was not connecting to my network and the date was set to Dec 2000. So i looked up my network password in keychain access. When keychain access asked for my password, it would say access denied. I restarted the computer, same thing no network, nor keychain, and weird date. After about the 4th or 5th restart, i was able to check keychain access without the access denied and able to set up my networking again.

    I am just wondering if this is a common error or is it something I should be worried about.
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    Feb 24, 2010
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    Resetting NVRAM will result in loss of date information, so it sounds like something caused NVRAM to be cleared. It's not a normal occurrence when calibrating properly, and it shouldn't happen again. I wouldn't worry about it unless it's happening frequently. This should answer most, if not all, of your battery questions:
    It has nothing to do with airport.

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