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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DevNull0, Jul 22, 2017.

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    I just bought a 2017 13 inch MBP non touchbar to upgrade from a 2011 with the back to school deal. I didn't realize it only had 2 USB-C ports on this model, and right now I'm trying to convince myself not to return it. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it is that I can't even do something as basic as copy data between thumb drives without a hub (the ports are way too close to connect 2 thumb drives even without power).

    I have a couple of USB-C to USB-A adapters and the connections on the MBP are so close together, i can't fit 1 adapter and the power cord. That seems absurdly bad. For all practical purposes, I've only got a single port. There are so many times I have more than 2 things plugged in -- but I also always try to use it connected to power as much as possible; my very well used 6 year old machine has under 500 battery cycles on it.

    The touchbar model is not an option because I strongly prefer the physical function keys and I'm not paying $500 more for a couple more USB-C ports.

    Also, I'm wondering what options there are for external storage? I spend most of my day where my only internet access is my 5 gig/month cell phone, so iCloud is not an option. I thought I could get a NVME to USB-C enclosure but apparently those don't exist and SATA is a huge bottleneck.

    Does anyone know if the hard plastic clip on shells help protect the mac or just leave scratches where they clip on? After 6 years as an everyday carry in a sleeve case and laptop bag, the 2011 is showing a lot of wear so I'd like some better protection for the new one if possible.

    This is probably my frustration about the ports, but it seems like everything about this machine feels cheap and disappointing. I was very surprised to learn there was no charging LED anymore. Even the cutout to flip up the screen looks cheap with it's flat 45 degree angle next to the 2011 model. The USB-C charging connection is a huge step down in aesthetics even if it's not a huge practical difference.

    Thanks for any insight/suggestions.
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    Well, this is when the advice to read product descriptions carefully comes in...that, and also doing your research carefully online before making any big purchases ;)

    I was looking at the 13" Pro as well (unlike you, the Touchbar does not influence my purchasing decision) but eventually went for the 15" model because of the port selection / connectivity. Granted, not everyone needs a multitude of ports, but two is really quite restrictive.

    I would suggest looking into a USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 dock like the ones from OWC, Elgato, etc., or one of the smaller plug in type hubs from HyperDrive, Satechi or CharJenPro - though if you don't want to shell out $500 for Touchbar and more USB-C ports, you may have a hard time justifying a $300 13-port Thunderbolt 3 dock (the HyperDrive equivalents are under $100).

    For expandability, I would look at an external USB-C drive from either Buffalo, Western Digital, Seagate or LaCie etc.

    With everything said, if the ports really bother you and you don't want to carry around a hub or dock, I would return it and pony up for the 15". In their respective uses, the 2017 MacBook Pros really are delightful machines and I can't honestly say I have any complaints about finishing, quality or design. It is what it is.
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    I thought I did read all the descriptions and I thought I was getting one with 2 40GBPs and 2 10GBPs ports. Definitely my bad there though.

    I did just have a look at some of the docks, that 13-port actually does look very good though 25% the price of the computer for a dock is a bit much to swallow, and hopefully the DC IN is optional for when I connect a lot of high power devices. The majority seem to sit along side the computer, which would be great if I had ports on both sides, but on this machine, it means I lose both USB-C ports and most of the docks only have 1 USB-C. That's fine with my current peripherals, but I'd imagine all my future purchases will be USB-C.

    The 15" really does look great and I do prefer that size even if I am stuck with a touch bar ;), but the $3000 base price here (Canada) is really more than I can comfortably spend.

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