MBP 2018 ticking noise when booting up!

kevin kang

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Jan 30, 2015
hi, i bought mbp 2018 and i noticed that when i'm in silent room, as the laptop boot up, there is small ticking sound on the keyboard(left side).
is it normal?? or other macbook has same problem??

here is video

and when i do web surfing or making ppt, there is hissing noise on ssd.... is it normal???



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Aug 12, 2014
United Kingdom
All machines have it.... It's not a problem as such it's just an unavoidable issue with today's technology. And it's across the board, all electronics have some wort of whine. The ticking noise is most likely the machine booting and the electronics kicking in... I doubt very much that you have anything to worry about.
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