MBP A1502 suddenly not turning on after USB cable insert


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May 9, 2007
Wales, UK
Hi All

So my daughter has a 2016 A1502 MBP, and this evening she said she inserted a standard USB cable to one of the ports to charge a device after which the MBP seems not to want to power on at all.

When plugged in, the power cable is showing a green light and is receiving power, I did a quick disconnect of the battery, and the charger light turned red. Went green again when I reconnected the battery.

Does anyone know why simply inserting a USB cable to charge a device could possibly result in the MBP not responding to any power turn on or keyboard presses please? What on earth could have caused this. The machine was working earlier today.

My gal is devastated at the moment as she is currently about to start her teacher training placement and all her degree and post grad degree work is on the machine. We have an appointment at the local Genius Bar tomorrow but if anyone could give me any pointers I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks all
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