MBP and Bootcamp gaming


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I'm looking to get a MBP (the lowest one) once the next rev comes out (I want the new things that the MB has and some of the whiners stuff fixed). I'd be using it for gaming (getting the laptop, two birds one stone kinda thing).

I want to know what I can expect it to play, such as Oblivion, Rise of Nations, Dawn of War, Age of Empires. Going by my Windows box, it'll play them fine, but I want to know what kind of graphics it gives.


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Feb 24, 2005
Oblivion plays fine on my MBP though unless you upclock the GPU(Which can possibly cause real heat problems), you have to lower either the settings from highest or the resolution.


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Abulia said:
So you want to know what performance will be like on a machine that doesn't exist yet?

I'm thinking that the next rev of MBPs will be similar to the current, but with the new style keyboard and lock. Also maybe with a bit of work done on the heat issues. Not much in the form of updating the insides too much.

Also, knowing about the current range will give me a lower limit on what to expect. I can't see what's wrong with my question...


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Nov 15, 2005
With you, I concur.

I didn't see anything wrong with your question... somebody was just being nit-picky.