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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lukin, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Hello, I have an issue with my Samsung LCD TV model #LN-S3241D and my late 08 MBP.

    I ordered the minidisplayport -> hdmi from monoprice, got it in the mail, plugged an hdmi into the hdmi 2 slot (cable is in 1) and put the other end into the converter and plugged it into the MBP. I proceeded to watch netflix the rest of the evening on my tv... it was perfect.

    When it came time to shut down for the evening, I turned everything off. The next night, I came home to continue watching an episode I was watching on netflix and I turned everything on and my MBP would not detect the tv. I would click 'detect displays' but nothing, nada.

    I proceeded to screw around with it for about 1.5 hours and did some searching but most of the errors I saw involved the tv, not the MBP detecting the tv. I started unplugging stuff and plugging it back in and finally got it to work again when I unplugged the cable from hdmi 1 and plugged the connection from the MBP into hdmi 1. It worked for the rest of the evening.

    Night 3, I come back and again it doesn't detect (I left it all plugged in this time). I immediately tried switching to hdmi 2 and got nothing. Back to 1 and nothing. Plugged cable into 1 and could see the cable, switched out connections again and nothing. At this point I cannot detect the tv in the MBP. Obviously all my hardware is ok, there's just something weird going on here.

    Any help for me?

    Thanks, sorry for the long post.
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    Try AVS forums for info on the FW for the TV. There may possibly be an update to add hardware compatibility. It may be some kind of HDCP handshaking issue?

    My 52" LCD does take a couple moments to handshake with my Yamaha HTR-6090.

    Also, try mirroring your display first, even thought the TV may not be detected, and close the lid on your MBP to see if the signal is rerouted and picked up by the TV.

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