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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by emt8q5, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Yesterday morning I picked up my MBP carrying case only to discover that I hadn't zippered the flap completely shut. Of course, my Macbook Pro proceeded to tumble out of the case directly onto the floor. I caught it in the air, but not before the top left corner (by the magnetic AC port) smashed into the floor. Aside from a moderate dent in that corner, and some blistering on the side (right above the USB port next to the AC magnet port) and top (right above the escape key), everything is fine and the computer is 100% functional (thank god it was asleep!)

    My question is, did I just void my applecare warranty? This is an early 2008 Macbook Pro with 2 years left on the applecare warranty. If something goes wrong in the next two years and I bring it in for repair, will they refuse because the signs of physical damage to the laptop? If this is the case, would it help for me to document the fact that the laptop is up and 100% working after sustaining the damage?

    Thanks for any and all advice!
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    Using MRoogle to search the forums will reveal dozens of threads related to your question that the standard forum search may miss. Long story short: AppleCare CAN refuse to cover problems IF they determine those problems were caused by damage.
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    Yes, you just voided your warranty and should call and cancel your Applecare. Since you damaged your MBP there should be no expectation of Apple repairing the machine and you can receive a credit for the balance.
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    "Since you damaged your MBP there should be no expectation of Apple repairing the machine and you can receive a credit for the balance."

    Is this your opinion or have you had previous experience with Applecare in a similar situation? The internal hardware components of my Macbook Pro were not affected whatsoever by the drop and the machine functions flawlessly. The only damage is to the physical casing. If I were to have a hardware failure within 48 hours of the drop, I may agree with you. If, however, I were to have a hardware component such as my logic board fail 6 months from now, I don't think that could be attributed to the drop and I would have a (reasonable) expectation of Applecare providing repair under their warranty.
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    While your warranty isn't officially voided, they can refuse to service your machine if they believe the drop caused a problem.

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