MBP Battery Issues?


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May 16, 2006
Central Florida!
I loved my macbookbut really want a pro, but not to sure, I have had the powerbooks and the battery always needed a charge, it seemed it was alwas charging, my question is how long is the New Macbook pros.....or should I buy anothe macbook>>>>>ughhhhh help

AJ Muni

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Aug 4, 2005
Others would agree that before the whole Intel transition, battery life was at its best with apple. I have a 2.0 MBP, and I get around 2:30-3:00 hours of battery. I bought my gf a 2.0 MB, and she gets around 3:20-3:50 hours of battery. I guess its less for me because of the bigger screen, but then again battery always depends on whether your BT is turned on, AP, brightness, etc.


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Nov 26, 2003
I get an hour and a half from my battery (87% original capacity).

It's ace.

That's enough time to do practically nothing.
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