MBP Build Quality issues?

Wes Jordan

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Jan 4, 2006
When I close the lid on my MBP, the edges of the lid don't meet up with the base, so it is completely closed where it is latched, but going towards the edges there is like a 1/8" (maybe less) gap at the edges. Is this normal on the MBP because of the aluminum enclosure so should I be concerned that mine was has build quality issues as it was built early on.


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Nov 16, 2005
It's fairly common rather than 'normal'. I've had powerbooks that have a completely straight screen bezel and my first MBP had a straight one too. The one I have now is slightly warped on both sides.

I wrote apple feedback on all the issues I've had and seen. I suggest you do so too so that Apple starts paying more attention to these things. The warping issue has been around since the first generation of Aluminum powerbooks and should have been fixed by now.


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May 28, 2005
New York
Mine came with the case warped. It was bowed such that when moving it across a surface, the bottom of the case scraped against the table. 2 "geniuses" denied it scraping on the counter right in front of my face! Being that I was past my 14 day return period, they only allowed me to send it in for repair. Luckily, they did acknowledge the LCD buzzing and said they would fix that too.