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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ntsapp3, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Hi Endow,

    As far as I know, a reseller will work pretty much the same as Apple in terms of warranty, IF you buy the apple protection plan. The reseller is probably paid by apple to service computers on their behalf, or inspect them and send them to apple for repair. So, for the first year of your standard warranty, and the period which you are covered by the Applecare Protection Plan (if you buy it) you should be treated the same as any apple customer. Its possible that they will even treat you better: as they are paid to inspect and sometimes repair units by Apple, they have an incentive to provide (rather than deny) service.

    However, some resellers off a "free" warranty extension of 1 year (so 1yr normal warranty + 1 year "free" warranty) - this is offered by the store ONLY and has nothing to do with Apple Computer. It will be up to the store to decide what is covered by the warranty, and the final decision on what to repair (or not repair) will be up to them. So, if your reseller is offering you an extended warranty with the purchase, you should check with them what it covers (in writing, if possible).

    If you have problems with the reseller with applecare, I imagine you can take it to any place to repair - it doesn't HAVE to go back to that store. So if they refuse to help you, and you think you should be covered you're still entitled to take it to another reseller or store (or request apple provide you with a shipping case, so you can courier it back to them) for repair. Although its not as convenient for you, you're not required to take it back where you bought it.

    I dont quite know which fan problem you're referring to, as far as I know there have not been major issues with C2D MBPs. Mine seems fine so far - heat is OK, no wierd noises. However, there were software solutions to fan rotation in the revA MBP, so if problems do show up its possible that they can release a firmware update or something like that for it.

    hope that helps


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