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    I have a display issue that I'm running out of ideas for.

    It's a 2007 15" MBP C2D A1211 (yeah, yeah - can't afford a new one) :mad:

    This is the issue:


    So far, I have tried:

    Manipulating the hinge - no change
    Applying moderate 'diagnostic' pressure to top case and hinge area - no change
    Plugging into an external display - same psychadelic visuals
    PRAM reset - no change
    SMC reset - no change
    Removed/reseated RAM, swapped sockets - no change
    Booted from alt. system disk - no change
    Run Apple Hardware Test - "no trouble found" - screenshot :


    Any ideas? For reasons too pathetic to go into here, I had to glue down the top case several years ago so I don't really want to open it up unless I need to. I don't know enough about what the different display components do and how they interrelate. Is it a GPU issue? (Is this on board the CPU? not sure). Would reseating the display cable help? I'm not clear on whether this cable feeds both the internal display and external DVI port, which is why the issue is replicated...or are they fed separately? What does an invertor do? If I know what to order from iFixit, I'm comfortable doing the required repairs.

    It "feels" like it might be RAM-related but a new pair of DIMMS will cost 25 notes and I'm not prepared to spend that on a gamble. Reason for the gut feel is that if the laptop is left for long enough, various screen areas 'refresh' and the interference clears from that zone, such as here, where the login account names are visible while the rest is mush:


    Any thoughts would be welcome. I've gone as far as I can. What I don't want to do is buy a new lappie as it's cost prohibitive. This is perfectly adequate for my modest surfing and Word needs if it can somehow be resurrected!

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    I had similar screen issues with my 2007 MBP. I resolved it by disabling ATI Graphics as described in this thread


    You could try it - you can always copy back the files you delete if it doesn't help. Strangely I am running Windows 10 in bootcamp and never had the issue there so I'm not sure if it is hardware but on the OSX side deleting all these ATI files stopped the weird screen artefacts (at the cost of worse graphics but I don't really care about that).
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