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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by elgrecomac, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Jan 15, 2008
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    After 20 years working with Billy's OS I decided I'd had enough of the Redmond BS and began the religious conversion to a Mac. (There are Mac zealots but I’m still waiting to meet a Windows zealot, just Windows realists: ‘I use it a work so I have the same at home, but it’s not great by any stretch of the imagination...and please don't install Vista on my computer”).

    My MBP arrived late yesterday and I spend the evening setting it up. The setup is rather straightforward save for the blue-tooth keyboard setup that was a bit quirky.
    I Connected the MPB to my 30 inch monitor…my, oh my! And had wireless networking up in short order. So now some first impressions:

    1. The machine is built like a tank. Similar to the iPhone, the MPB just feels ‘solid’.
    2. The display (17’’ hi-res, no gloss) is the best I’ve seen on a laptop.
    3. Installing software is simple.
    4. I prefer Mozilla Firefox over Safari. Maybe, at heart, I’m a open-source kind of guy.
    5. Changing memory (4 Gb from Crucial) was a piece of cake…yes, I had a #00 Phillips-head screwdriver.
    6. I kept saying “that cool” as I familiarized myself with the OS….why is that?
    7. Apple support sucks. Wanted to call them regarding the wireless keyboard not working correctly but…it was after 6pm. Hmm…given that I work from 8 to 6pm, do I need to call Australia (via skype) for tech support in the evenings?
    8. For all of the intuitiveness within the OS, when connected to the 30” display, figuring out how to use the wireless mouse and keyboard with the laptop display fully in the close position was NOT intuitive….but I figured it out after about 20 minutes.
    9. MS Office 2004 was a step back from what I used on the PC. Need to upgrade to 2008.
    10. It will take some time to get used to an application’s window being detached from the pull-down menus.
    11. This machine is fast!

    Overall I am really happy with the purchase. There is a lot to get used to and I need to install Parallels to get to my 2 remaining windows apps (Visio and Project). Then I’ll be able to put my old laptop away for good.
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    Jan 3, 2008
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    Jan 20, 2008
    i bought mine on the 19th..and yes im addicted now..its so sexy
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    System Config

    I purchased a 17" MBP, hi-res NON-glossy screen, 4gb ram (bought from Crucial), highspeed 200gb harddrive, 30" monitor HD Cinema display, wireless mouse and keyboard. The MBP is the 2.6 ghz version. And a 1 Tb La Cie external drive.
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    congratulation for your purchase, ask whenever you have problem. PPl will be glad to help. :)
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    I still do this, a year and a half in :)
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    elgrecomac, Office is just not the same on OS X as it is on Windoze... never will be unfortunately. Your post is pretty much spot on. The funny part is, I've used Apple since 1981, and have continued to this day. In the early 90's I had to go to windoze for work purposes, still have to use it for work. Point is, your point about the menu bar being detached from the application window being counter intuitive is EXACTLY how I still feel... I can't get used to it.
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    Office 2008 sucks horribly... Get Office:X that's what I'm using and it's much faster than 2008... and more reliable!

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