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May 16, 2006
my sister's macbook pro has caught a case of constant freezing. it was fine for the first 14 months (its from june 2006), but over the past month it'll freeze in a variety of ways, from doing it while a screensaver runs, to freezing while browsing using safari, to freezing while using adium. the screen will sometimes freeze, go white, or display the kernel panic message. however, she is a couple hundred miles away, so my helping her is limited. she is running 10.4.10.

we've tried repairing permissions, restarting, and resetting PRAM. I'm not sure if the PRAM reset did the trick, as I just got off the phone with her after she did that. ran the hardware test off the install cd- nothing. as I can't physically be in front of the computer, I can't expect exact answers, but can anyone comment on what might be going wrong? thanks

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