MBP Hard drive burning up!


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Jul 30, 2007
My macbook pro is a little under a month old. Never dropped, never even touched harshly. Only lots of babying.

Anyhow, the hard drive all the sudden freaked out. Now it is burning so hot that I can't touch the spot it is under. It just happened in windows when I was just about to play starcraft. This is wierd because it was fine when I was in Mac OSX just moments earlier. Well anyway, I check NHC and it says 77 degrees Celsius!! I turn it off immediately and take out the battery because I didn't want the heat to transfer over. The hard drive got so hot that it smells like solder in the room.

I wait until it is cooled off and then I turn it on again with no battery. It doesn't turn on. The power cord is showing green so it should turn on. I listen to around the hard drive and I just hear a constant clicking noise. I then put the battery in without the cord and it turns on. I choose Mac OSX. I feel it heating up again and I can hear it whirring non stop even after everything has been loaded. I check iStat but it says it's normal temperature at like 52 degrees (relatively i mean compared to before) but it's burning hot where the hard drive is. I connect the cord and I see the memory controller temperature spiking up until 72 degrees from the low 50's!!!

I turn it off immediately and now I am extremely pissed off. It better not have done damage to other components of the notebook. I smell the scent of burnt metal/solder throughout the room. I wouldn't be so pissed off if I hadn't gone into the apple store before telling them that I think something was wrong with my hard drive cause it makes a lot of clunking and clicking noises. They told me it was normal.

What should I do? Should I demand a new replacement? How should I approach them? Cause I am super pissed and I'm sure others understand!


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Jul 24, 2002
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what model of mbp and hard drive do you have?

Take it to a genius bar (making an appointment first of course) (if available in your area) and recreate the spin up, they should be able to see from this if there is an issue, then do appropriate tests:)
Hopefully everything is ok


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Jul 16, 2007
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Clicking and Clunking sounds are not normal for a harddrive. These sounds usually means your hardrive is dieying or is already dead. Your lucky it even boots, if i was you i would back up as much as you need and then call apple to get it sort out.


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Aug 21, 2011
my mac is burning up too

I was using more than 100% cpu with hp scanner and tried burning a dvd at the same time (ok that was dumb) and the mac spit out the dvd and smelled like electrical burning. It still smells faintly when I try to use hp scanner. So I probably messed up my hard drive. I am going to try tekserve. Lesson: Monitor your activity levels