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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by unheardthreat, Mar 31, 2017.

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    I'm coming from a 2008 13 MBP and need an upgrade after my kid broke my machine (long story). To keep it fresh I upgraded the ram, and more importantly to the topic, I ran dual storage with an ssd and hdd using the drive bay totaling 1 tb to keep it running quick and full of space.

    Now I've decided on the 13 inch mbp with touch bar and now it starts at 256 gb and then and extra couple hundred to bump that up to 500. I do a lot of photo and some video editing, and used my MacBook for djing so I loved the extra storage I had.

    Question is, should I spend the extra couple hundred on additional on board storage or use the money on a combo of external hdds and a nas device? How have you guys managed/handled having much less storage space with the smaller ssds?

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    External storage works just fine for storage. If you're actually going to be working on those files, you'll need to be a bit more particular in your hardware choice.

    A NAS is great for storing stuff and accessing it without plugging in, but if you plan to edit files that do not reside locally on your SSD/HDD, I would recommend a fast USB or TB drive directly connected to your laptop.

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